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Administrative Meeting - October 14, 2020

Frank O. Heintz Hearing Room (VIRTUAL)
William Donald Schaefer Tower
6 St. Paul Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202-6806
(410) 767-8000

Minutes October 14, 2020

Matters for Commission Consideration

Consent Agenda/Special Items:*
1.   Velocity The Greatest Phone Company Ever, Inc. filed, on September 10, 2020, Notice of Name Change and Revised Tariffs(ML# 231800)
Staff Comments
Letter Order:  Noted.
2.   Teleport Communications America, LLC filed, on September 15, 2020, revised tariff pages. The Company proposes to revise Access Services Tariff P.S.C. Md. No. 1. Effective: October 15, 2020(ML# 231841)
Staff Comments
Letter Order:  Acceptance.
3.   HIKO Energy, LLC filed, on September 23, 2020, Request for Cancellation of its Electricity Supplier License (IR-2926) and its Gas Supplier License (IR-2927).(ML# 231909)
Staff Comments
Letter Order:  Approval.
*Note: Items on the Consent Agenda are intended to be noncontroversial. Consent agenda items have been reviewed by staff, they have no concerns and no formal written comments are produced. However, a Commissioner or an interested person may request the opportunity to discuss a Consent Agenda item. Any such discussion shall take place at the beginning of the Administrative Agenda.
Administrative Agenda:
4.   Quadlogic Controls Corporation filed, on September 10, 2020, Request for Approval of Electric Meter(ML# 231799)
Staff Comments
Letter Order:  Approval.
5.   Citizens UB Solar, LLC filed, on August 28, 2020, Request for the Approval of Decommissioning Plan Pursuant to PPRP Condition 36. Case No. 9483(ML# 231642) Additional information was filed on October 9, 2020. (ML# 232108)
Staff Comments
Letter Order:  Approval.
6.   Neighborhood Sun Benefit Corp filed, on June 26, 2020, Request to Qualify The Augsburg Lutheran Home of MD as a Low-Income Subscriber Under Community Solar Pilot Program.(ML# 230895) Additional information was filed on September 9, 2020, November 11, 2020, and November 18, 2020.   (ML# 231765, 232553, and 232633 )
Staff Comments


Recommended to be suspended for 30 days.


Filings pertaining to these matters should be submitted by noon on the Monday before the Administrative Meeting.

Reasonable accommodations will be made at Public Service Commission proceedings for qualified persons with disabilities, if requested 5 days in advance of the proceeding.
(Dial 410-767-8000 or access the prior numbers through the Maryland Relay Service at 7-1-1) or
**For weather-related cancellations or postponements, dial 410-767-8000 or 1-800-492-0474. **

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