MDPSC Adopts Rates for Wholesale Unbundled Network Elements in Case No. 8879
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June 30, 2003
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Maryland Public Service Commission
Adopts Rates for Wholesale
Unbundled Network Elements
in Case No. 8879

Baltimore, MD – Today, the Maryland Public Service Commission issued Order No. 78552 in Case No. 8879, which began on January 19, 2001 under Order No. 76694. The purpose of Case No. 8879 is to establish permanent rates for unbundled network elements ("UNEs") in accordance with the Telecommunications Act of 1996 ("the Act").

Pursuant to the Act, UNEs are those parts of Verizon’s Telecommunications network that it is required to lease to competitive Telecommunications carriers ("CLECs"), such as AT&T and Sprint.

The two-wire loop, for example, is an important UNE. The Commission made numerous decisions including a determination of what price Verizon may charge CLECs to lease the two-wire loop. The Commission examined thousands of pages of testimony and exhibits before reaching its decisions.

In Case No. 8879, Verizon requested a loop rate of $21.03, up from the $14.50 ordered by the Commission in Case No. 8731 as an interim figure. In December 2002, the statewide loop rate was reduced to $12.00 during Verizon’s recent § 271 proceeding in Maryland.

In this Order, the PSC adopts a two-wire loop rate of $11.26 as a statewide average. Chairman Catherine I. Riley states, "as a result of its deliberative process, the Commission arrived at a fair and balanced decision in this case which will provide benefits to citizens and businesses throughout Maryland."

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