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Description of the Forms for the
Maryland Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard Program
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  1. Application for Generator Certification as a Renewable Energy Facility
    - Required of all participating generators
    - Approved applicants shall be issued a Maryland Renewable Energy Facility Certification number
  2. On-site and Behind the Meter Generation Report

  3. - Required of all on-site and behind the meter Renewable Energy Facility generators, including all generators not interconnected with PJM
    - Shall be filed with the Commission within one week of each entry of generation data into GATS

  4. Application for Industrial Process Load Status
    - Required of applicants seeking designation as an industrial process load supplier
  5. Application for Waiver of Compliance Fee – Extreme Economic Hardship
    - Required of applicants seeking extreme economic hardship waiver
  6. Annual Compliance Report
    - Required of all electricity suppliers and brokers
    - Suppliers that are making an alternative compliance payment will also submit a copy of the Annual RPS Supplier Remittance Form
  7. Compliance Remittance Report
    - Required of all electricity suppliers making an alternative compliance payment
    - The original is sent directly to the Office of the Comptroller
    - A copy is sent to the PSC with the Annual Compliance Report

  8. Marketed Renewable Electricity Sales Report
    - Required of all electricity suppliers claiming an exemption under COMAR
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